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 By Mel Damski    Opinion    May 29, 2024 

If I ran the zoo

No, my obsession is no longer Donald Trump or the Mariners or preparing to vote for the Oscars. My obsession is BIRDS. I sit in my hot tub at least twice a day and I am transfixed by the bird feeders...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    May 29, 2024 

For no future soldier deaths

Memorial Day this year was cool and gray. That did not prevent people from gathering with family and friends. Outside picnics might have been few, but lots of folks celebrated, boating, home barbecuing and going out in the many ways we do on... Full story


A past Musings - still on this editor's mind

Memorial Day was May 29th this year. That is John F. Kennedy’s birthday. I know that because it is also my mother’s birthday, Mary Madeline Nemunis Stern. My mother was born in 1920. She would have been 103. I believe my mother hated war. She nev... Full story

 By Felicia Minto    Opinion    May 29, 2024 

Affordable homes aid communities, families

Home Trust of Skagit is a community land trust that serves all of Skagit County. Currently, we are serving 28 homeowners and 18 renters. Home Trust of Skagit offers affordable homes now and preserves that affordability for future homebuyers. Our...


Rexville Grange thanks for support

The Rexville Grange is so grateful for the many inquiries and requests to help support or join our local Grange hall. Our thanks to Anne Basye, Ken Stern and the La Conner Weekly News for highlighting the history of this unique community hall and...


World Court finds against Monsanto

Thank you, Maggie, for your letter addressing concerns about Glyphosate / Roundup and the considerable and the enormous dangers to our environment. I would like to support that with some additional information. In 2016, Monsanto was taken to the...

 By Greg Whiting    Opinion    May 29, 2024 

Wind offers potential to fill our energy needs

Wind energy – both on land and offshore – has been falling in cost almost as dramatically as solar power. It’s down well over 90% since 2000. The relevant technologies are still improving. Furth...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    May 22, 2024

We're long overdue for a county library system

If there is fault to be had and people to be held accountable for the state auditor’s staff finding shortcomings in the oversight of the La Conner Rural Partial County Library District – for that is what the library’s official name is – that fault l... Full story

 By Maggie Wilder    Opinion    May 22, 2024

That mist in your valley deserves protection

Almost 50 years ago I ­extracted myself from a life and livelihood in our nearest ­metropolis to follow a dream, a soul mandate, to live in Skagit Valley. A decade earlier, when I was 16 years old, I’d seen it for the first time and its beauty kept c...


Follow God for the good of all

Well, I don’t need to write what is happening in our own country and around the world. Unless one is living under a rock, or is deliberately denying what is before our very eyes each day, we clearly see the U.S. and other countries are in a world o...


Feel the climate change

What a weekend we had, weatherwise. Saturday was perfect for the Skagit County Master Gardeners plant sale and so tomato plant seekers were lined up at 6:30 a.m. at the county fairgrounds. Sunday was perhaps better, a gift to mothers and their... Full story

 By Andrew Paxton    Opinion    May 15, 2024

Local, community journalism is the bulwark of democracy

Knowing what to believe these days can be a challenge. From AI-generated images and text to blatant disinformation from political campaigns and foreign governments, the number of scams, spoofs and charlatans seems to be never-ending. However, there... Full story


In defense of editorials

Mr. Doerflinger last week accused the editor of this paper of “outrage and personal insults against some (Supreme Court) justices” (“More light, less heat on court,” letter, May 8). I looked back and could not find examples that would justify his acc...


Hamas creates children who hate

I am heartsick every time I see a wounded or dead child injured in the Israeli attack on Hamas. I sit in sorrow for a time, then I realize why they are suffering just like the children in Germany in World War II. The residents of Germany supported...

 By Greg Whiting    Opinion    May 15, 2024

We'll need to consider all power options to meet growing demand

For most of the last 10 years, electric consumption in Washington has been relatively flat or even falling. Innovative technologies like LED lighting and heat pumps have been replacing less efficient...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    May 8, 2024

Need 5 to get to 124

Last Saturday some 13 people – mostly La Conner residents, along with Channel Drive and Pull and Be Damned neighbors and the Home Trust of Skagit executive director – met Mayor Marna Hanneman at the La Conner Swinomish Library for her monthly com... Full story


Human dignity key read of signs of the times

A leading theme of the Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council has been “reading the signs of the times.” The signs of the times are clear: human dignity is under grave threat. The Vatican has issued an important new declaration on hum...

 By Jai Boreen    Opinion    May 8, 2024

A new resident appreciates La Conner

I have been living here just a year now, but my neighbors and the community as a whole have been so open, friendly and inviting that I feel totally at home here. One of the things I truly love about our town is its “walkability.” The beautiful new...


More light, less heat on court

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent questioning of attorneys on both sides in the Trump immunity case has provoked outrage, and personal insults against some justices, by our esteemed editor (Weekly News, May 1). But the Court made it clear months ago t...


Trust current school staff

This moment, Superintendent Will Nelson’s resignation is an opportunity for the La Conner Schools. I am in full agreement with the assessment by the school board, to focus within the district instead of initiating a search for a replacement. With s...


Don't ignore our town artistic roots

I was sorry to read in last week’s Weekly News concerning the Jenson property (“Residents engage,” May 1) that there was only minimal interest in housing. What worries me is that without diversity La Conner wouldn’t be the rich connection communi...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    May 1, 2024

Honest. These Supreme Court justices are not

A bedrock principle of our society is the rule of law. The cliches are true because they are fundamental to justice: A nation of laws, not of men. And, of course, no man is above the law. But every red-blooded American knows that everyone gets the am... Full story

 By Jerry George    Opinion    May 1, 2024

Next subduction quake will rock our world

A little perspective: In 1869 bearded men in tall black hats whacked in a golden spike completing the Transcontinental Railway at Provo, Utah, establishing the first sit-down transportation between the East Coast and San Francisco. In January of the...

 By Rick Shorten    Opinion    May 1, 2024

Why do Republicans reject our 'democracy?'

At its recent convention in Spokane, the Republican Party’s endorsement committee removed gubernatorial candidate Semi Bird’s name from consideration due to Mr. Bird’s failure to disclose a prior federal conviction for bank larceny. This actio...


EMS director is grateful for votes

Dear Editor, Skagit County Emergency Medical Services and the Board of Skagit County Commissioners want to thank residents for supporting the recent ballot measure to renew the emergency medical services levy. The levy funds a county-wide...


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