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Always think solar

The Skagit Valley Clean Energy Co-op (skagitvce.coop) is ramping up our Solarize Skagit Campaign which will start in early March 2024. SVCEC’s Solarize Campaign connects Skagit homeowners and small businesses with solarizing their homes and... Full story


Free parking

It is not unusual for tourist towns to reserve a free parking lot for its visitors. For example, Sedona, AZ and Cedar Key, FL. Not to mention Anacortes and Mount Vernon locally. I think our town council should think of free parking as a form of... Full story


Thanks for supporting Young Life programs

I would like to offer a huge thank you to the La Conner Swinomish Indian Community as well as the La Conner community at large for supporting the efforts of La Conner Young Life. Last week we had our annual fundraising dessert event and nearly 100... Full story

 By John Agen    Opinion    November 8, 2023

LCCSF Fund Drive

The La Conner Community Scholarship Foundation (LCCSF) began a fund drive in June that will end on Nov. 30. A service minded La Conner High School alumnus has committed to matching all contributions up to $50,000. To date, nearly 40 donors have... Full story


Paid downtown parking

In the article “Paid downtown parking an option” last week (Nov. 1), I want to make a slight correction and offer my two cents on the subject. Correction: The company making a presentation to a joint council-planning commission meeting on Nov.... Full story

 By Jim Reeves    Opinion    November 8, 2023

First Street parking

The Problem: Vehicles parking on First Street for extended periods of time during high tourist traffic periods. Who are the primary offenders? Business owners and employees. First Street residents. Hotel guests. (All of whom should be parking off... Full story


Thank you for support, La Conner merchants

On Oct. 28, P.E.O. Chapter JG, La Conner, held a brunch and auction at Maple Hall to support women’s educational opportunities. We rely on donations from members, friends, families and merchants to help us provide the financial needs to help women... Full story

 By Jai Boreen    Opinion    November 1, 2023

No weapons for Israel

I read your recent editorial (No military aid to Israel, Oct. 25) with a mix of agreement and sorrow. The horror and inhumanity around the Israel/Palestine conflict seems to defy solution. The many players repeat the same moves over and over,... Full story


Voter pamphlet omission

Gale Fiege was correct in asking about the failure to submit a profile for the Skagit voter pamphlet. I apologize for my failure to do so; I missed the deadline and I take responsibility for that. I did provide one when I first ran for a school board... Full story

 By Gale Fiege    Opinion    October 18, 2023

Why weren't school board candidates in voter pamphlet ?

I was disappointed when I opened the Skagit County voters’ pamphlet only to find that none of the candidates for La Conner School Board had submitted statements. To Alana Quintasket, John Agen, Janie Beasley and Kim Pedroza: What is your excuse?... Full story


Thank you La Conner

On Aug. 15 our motor home was parked in La Conner while my husband and I took a walk. A few minutes later we heard fire engines and walked back to see, as it was near our motor home. It was our motor home and we were so fortunate the firefighters... Full story


Slough Slosh Symphony

So the slough slowly flows, back and forth it goes, out to the Salish Sea and Pacific Ocean, before it returns as rain and tidal slosh. So effortless and timeless, it stimulates the phosphorous’ sparkly glow. It’s quite simple really, we just... Full story


Facts on Skagit Habitat Humanity purchase story

To the Editor, Your article this past week related to Habitat for Humanity’s purchase of property in La Conner (“Skagit Habitat for Humanity buys La Conner property,” Oct. 4) is factually incorrect. While representatives of Habitat for... Full story


Wayfinder Market fabulous

A friend and I had the good fortune to attend The Wayfinder Market’s “First supper club of the fall season” on Friday night Sept. 29. I say fortunate because if you missed out you are truly unlucky. We had a fabulous time. Twenty guests sat at... Full story


Solution: Rename column

When I first started reading Mel Damski’s column today, I thought he was going to say that the Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) estate had sued the La Conner Weekly News for plagiarizing the beloved author’s book title. Yikes! That didn’t happen,... Full story


FD 13 thanked

Thank you for covering the Sept. 24 Fire District 13 Open House event and for consistently providing your readers with information from and about this outstanding group of firefighter/EMTs who serve the community. Your article centers on the... Full story


Robbins Musing not appreciated

I did not appreciate your musings on Tom Robbins Day. Tom has been our friend for 49 years and is the funniest man we know. He’s still in better shape than many of his friends 20 years younger then he is. To say he was propped up is ageist. He... Full story


Don't extend South First Street

Dear town council, planning commission - and citizens: It has been mentioned on the council and planning commission recently that it would be a great idea (said they) to have all the traffic thru town exit on First Street along the water next to the... Full story


Caring for creation

Pope Francis will release a follow-up document on the environment on Oct. 4, providing an update to his 2015 encyclical “Laudato Si’,” “On Care for Our Common Home” – a landmark papal letter that offered a rallying cry for global action... Full story


Letter to the editor: Tom Robbins celebration is community at its best

Tom and I were touched and grateful for everyone who participated in Tom Robbins Day. The event uplifted our community and reminded us to play, imagine and create. The costumes and parade participants were truly delightful. The day emphasized what a... Full story


Letter to the editor: Tom Robbins has been a longtime inspiration

Thank you for printing the Tom Robbins graduation address article. I graduated at about the same time and spent my formative years in the Skagit Valley. Although I experienced a traditional high school commencement speech, not a word of which I can... Full story


Letter to the editor: Tom's day showed soul

On Sept. 2 La Conner got our soul back. In honor of Tom Robbins our town came out to honor one of its own. The energy was electric, the costumes outrageous and the best part of the entire day was the sense of community. Truly that is a feeling that...


Letter to the editor: Maui fire human caused

utheast of Lahaina on Maui with sticky-foot gekkoes and cockroaches for roommates and obnoxious rats as my nearest neighbors. As the embers cool and the tempers flair from the recent Maui wildfires, I can’t help admitting geologists are correct in... Full story


Letter to the editor: Great local foods abound

It’s peak season for food here in La Conner. Let’s start with seafood, crab, oysters, prawns and I tasted some locally caught smoked salmon the other day, yum. La Conner is wonderfully positioned between the water and the farmland. There are so... Full story


Letter to the editor: Toasting the town's pioneers

There is order in the establishment of frontier towns like La Conner. Religion usually precedes law enforcement and the saloon precedes either religion or law enforcement. Opportunity is the single lure of the frontier, though opportunity is not the... Full story


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