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America has changed and Joe Biden is to blame

Growing up in Seattle from the early ‘50’s until 1989 when I finally had a bellyful of the insanity and moved here, it seemed like the world had gone just nuts! Compared to today’s world, America in particular, it was the best of times! Between the m... Full story


Old politicians: retire

There has been a lot of discussion of late, with very good reason, on the matter of the age of the president and other elected members of government. First, there was Sen. Feinstein of California, soon to retire at 89, with some noting an obvious...


Drill more for more oil

The Weekly News multi part series on energy transitions has spent many words telling us how we need to wean ourselves off of oil and go green. Admittedly I am no expert on these matters, but after nearly 70 years on this planet I have learned a thing...


Biden’s cynical use of war in Ukraine

I believe it was Rahm Emanuel former chief of staff for President Barak Obama who coined the expression, “never let a crisis go to waste”. In other words make it work for you politically. Well, so now Joe Biden is using the war in Ukraine in a way th...


Vote 'No' on I-1639: It's complex and restrictive

I would ask our esteemed editor a couple of questions on I-1639 that he apparently wants everyone to support passage of. Have you read and fully understand the initiative? It is about 30 pages of often incoherent legalese baloney. I am guessing you...


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