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 By Ken Stern    Opinion    November 1, 2023

Cooperating all the time, everywhere

October was National Co-op Month, the annual celebration of this alternative way to engage with each other in our business dealings and thus as people in relationship with each other. National Co-op Month offers the time to reflect on and promote a... Full story

 By Jai Boreen    Opinion    November 1, 2023

No weapons for Israel

I read your recent editorial (No military aid to Israel, Oct. 25) with a mix of agreement and sorrow. The horror and inhumanity around the Israel/Palestine conflict seems to defy solution. The many players repeat the same moves over and over,... Full story


Voter pamphlet omission

Gale Fiege was correct in asking about the failure to submit a profile for the Skagit voter pamphlet. I apologize for my failure to do so; I missed the deadline and I take responsibility for that. I did provide one when I first ran for a school board... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    November 1, 2023

Musings-On the editor's mind

Listening to and watching the devastated residents of Mariupol after the Russians began bombardment of the city in February 2022 in the film “20 Days in Mariupol,” the pain and incomprehension – the entire scene – could have been labeled... Full story


Faith without borders: Reflections after a spring tour of Israel and Palestine

The current Israel / Hamas war is tragic. The scenes of devastation and destruction in the Gaza strip and the reports of those killed and injured is heartbreaking, The continuing loss of human life and growing humanitarian crisis is overwhelming in... Full story


High power EV chargers needed to keep keep tourists coming

Last week I talked about electric vehicle chargers in rural British Columbia. Charger availability there is still improving. Flo.com’s map shows that the charger in Woss, BC (population about 200),... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    October 25, 2023

Against military aid to Israel

No. No more military aid to Israel, not $14 billion, not 14 cents. Write President Joe Biden, Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell and Rep. Rick Larsen and tell them more weapons will neither stop the killing nor end the conflict between Israel and... Full story


Tourist towns need EV charging stations to keep visitors coming

About a year ago, Jenelle and I drove from Victoria, on the south end of Vancouver Island, to Port Hardy, near the north end. We took a gasoline-powered car. We weren’t sure whether public charging... Full story


The origins of our Halloween traditions

Every year, we have a public Halloween festival – where kids parade through town in their outfits and go from shopfront to shopfront to get their candy loot. Sure, some families keep sweets at home in case anyone shows up in the evening, but... Full story

 By Mel Damski    Opinion    October 25, 2023

If I ran the zoo

It’s been heartbreaking for me to follow what’s happening in Israel right now.  My cousin Yossi Drory lives in Tel Aviv and the last time I saw him in person I was four years old and he was five... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    October 18, 2023

Elections demand high expectations

Ballots will be arriving in the mail soon. We have very few choices in this year of municipal elections. There is only one contested seat: the La Conner school district Director 2 position. The rest of the positions in greater La Conner, for school... Full story

 By Gale Fiege    Opinion    October 18, 2023

Why weren't school board candidates in voter pamphlet ?

I was disappointed when I opened the Skagit County voters’ pamphlet only to find that none of the candidates for La Conner School Board had submitted statements. To Alana Quintasket, John Agen, Janie Beasley and Kim Pedroza: What is your excuse?... Full story


Thank you La Conner

On Aug. 15 our motor home was parked in La Conner while my husband and I took a walk. A few minutes later we heard fire engines and walked back to see, as it was near our motor home. It was our motor home and we were so fortunate the firefighters... Full story


Don't let vampire and phantom electric loads suck your power out of your house

Pumpkin spice lattes, football, leaves starting to change color, the approach of Halloween … it’s time to talk about vampires and phantoms. Vampire and phantom electric loads, that is. Many... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    October 11, 2023

Citizens: Time to participate

All of a sudden there are a slew of opportunities to be active civically – democratically – in the community. You do not have to live in La Conner to involve yourself. And the October activities end, appropriately, with our school children ... Full story


Slough Slosh Symphony

So the slough slowly flows, back and forth it goes, out to the Salish Sea and Pacific Ocean, before it returns as rain and tidal slosh. So effortless and timeless, it stimulates the phosphorous’ sparkly glow. It’s quite simple really, we just... Full story


Facts on Skagit Habitat Humanity purchase story

To the Editor, Your article this past week related to Habitat for Humanity’s purchase of property in La Conner (“Skagit Habitat for Humanity buys La Conner property,” Oct. 4) is factually incorrect. While representatives of Habitat for... Full story



The Sept. 27 story “Skagit Habitat for Humanity buys La Conner lot” incorrectly stated “The Town of La Conner plans to change its comprehensive plan to allow multifamily housing … .” That is an aspiration of Skagit Habitat for Humanity.... Full story



The La Conner Arts Foundation donated 11 ukeleles to the La Conner School District, not the Town of La Conner’s art commission, as incorrectly reported in the Sept. 27 story “School board reviews service graduation requirement.” The Arts... Full story



The Sept. 13 Clean Energy Cooperative column “EV costs are predictable” stated that net metering in Washington allows people to be paid for power they feed to the grid. That sentence should have ended, “to the grid, up to but not exceeding the... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    October 4, 2023

Governing is not posturing

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy acted rightly as the mature adult in the room last weekend, taking responsibility for passing a spending bill to fund the United States government. When you read this, McCarthy has already been voted out of the... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    October 4, 2023

Musings-On the editor's mind

If my parents were alive, they would be stepping through their second century in America. My mom, born in 1920, would be 103. My dad would be 109. They were children of the Depression. I have long called myself a child of children of the Depression,... Full story


Reflecting on this dry summer dust

I have been a part of our local farming community for sixty plus years now. I’ve seen more than half of the farm history in the region. I was able to observe the demise of peas, sweet corn and carrots. Now I’ve seen the arrival of dry beans, pepp... Full story


Prepare: One day the Big One will come

On Oct. 19 at 9 a.m. 800,000 or so folks in Washington will take part in the Great Shakeout drill to practice the steps necessary to effectively respond to a major earthquake. Unlike floods and maybe wild fires, there is no way science has... Full story


Wayfinder Market fabulous

A friend and I had the good fortune to attend The Wayfinder Market’s “First supper club of the fall season” on Friday night Sept. 29. I say fortunate because if you missed out you are truly unlucky. We had a fabulous time. Twenty guests sat at... Full story


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