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Tom Robbins Day a blast: Insulting him was wrong

One of the joys in my year of health challenges was the fun and exciting opportunity to honor “our own” Tom Robbins on Sept. 2. It was a real blast! Tom enjoyed it, he and Alexa rocked it, the library’s programs benefited and everyone entered... Full story


A citizen's view - Tom Robbins deserved his King for a Day

So, Sept. 2 came and went, there couldn’t have been a finer day in La Conner spent. There was a “King” in town, complete with a crown, and a shiny white old fire truck. Yeah, mega author Tom Robbins was kinda awestruck. The town was full of... Full story

 By Connie Funk    Opinion    August 2, 2023

Citizen's view: Allow farmers to hold events on their farm land

I attended the meeting of the Skagit County Planning Commission Tuesday, July 25, along with scores of others to express concern regarding proposed increased regulations for local farm families, many whom are already struggling to keep their family... Full story

 By Glen Johnson    Opinion    July 26, 2023

A citizen's view: Let me tell you my imaginative alternatives

I read your editorial “La Conner needs to plan for more than just floods,” (Weekly News July 12) with great interest, and your words raised my eyebrows more than once. You see, you made a blanket statement, “No one in La Conner, elected...


Yeah, All I Wanna Do is Dance

Oh dear god it’s almost all I wanna do, to hear music that makes my body move, yeah, like it’s in a smooth groove. Some might see me in my trance, moving from a slide to prance, jumping and gliding like a bird, from branch to branch. Yeah, all I...


Anger and guns are deadly together

Once again, I find myself in the infuriating position of responding to the news of yet another horrific mass shooting in the United States. Despite the common defensive refrain offered by gun advocates that “guns don’t kill people, people kill... Full story

 By Rick Shorten    Opinion    June 14, 2023

Memorial Day born out of Civil War

Thank you for your spot-on Musings (June 7 Weekly News) in regard to Memorial Day, especially the service at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery on May 29. As always, it was a moving service, conducted quite ably by Rev. Don Robinson. As I listened to and...


The game of life when 65 years old

I’m officially old. It happened on a single day last week, Thursday, June 1. It was not a surprise. It had loomed on the near horizon for years. I’d dutifully prepared for it – watched innumerable how-to videos, talked with older friends...

 By Judy Kontos    Opinion    May 17, 2023

Let's talk Shelter Bay business

It’s election time in Shelter Bay – Online voting closes 4 p.m. May 19. In person must be done the early morning of May 20. If you intend to mail or drop off your vote, you must travel to the office to pick up a ballot. Mailed ballots must be...

 By MJ Craig    Opinion    May 10, 2023

Shelter Bay group out of order

Dear editor, Please advise, cannot understand. Good grief!? Shelter Bay, a community across the Swinomish Channel from La Conner, is under attack from an out-of-order insider group? One judge has already thrown out an unsubstantiated lawsuit for...

 By Dan ODonnell    Opinion    May 3, 2023

Swinomish need to support debt service

The Swinomish Tax Authority used the same levy rate for 2023, 2022 and 2021: $11.98 per thousand. But, the assessed value of homes in Shelter Bay and Pull & Be Damned increased from $196,279,100 to $206,399,050 over the past year. The Swinomish...

 By Mike Morrell    Opinion    April 26, 2023

Another Shelter Bay perspective

It is sad that Jack and Julie Jones moved out of Shelter Bay over misperceptions (Citizens’ View, April 19). I wish for their sake the Jones had served on the board of directors and on committees. If they had they would still be here enjoying the...


Thoughts on La Conner's next mayor

I have always said that as long as my daughter Victoria was in La Conner schools, I was happy to be mayor. That season has come to an end, and it is time for La Conner to choose a new representative to lead the community. May 15 through 19 interested...


Trust lost in Shelter Bay board

Recently, some friends have asked us why we moved from Shelter Bay into the town of La Conner. The simple reason is, we lost trust in the board to act in the best interest of the community and we lost faith that the board would begin to act in the... Full story

 By John Day    Opinion    April 5, 2023

Sea level rise and migratory birds

Washington state is a crucial stopover for millions of migrating birds. The diverse landscapes, from the coast to the mountains, provide essential habitats for birds during their long journeys. Among many vital habitats, the Skagit Valley stands out...


Reviewing my Shelter Bay ethics complaint

After my decision to run for the Shelter Bay Community board of directors a year ago, I set a goal to read all of the governing documents, including the association’s Rules and Regulations, cover to cover. I studied HOA educational videos and used... Full story


Another consideration of the Shelter Bay board

“We will fail, / When we fail to try” — Rosa Parks A Message From the Dark Side … . I am a woman from the “other side” as the writers put it in last week’s page 3 “Show of Support” display ad for some members of the Shelter Bay...

 By Glen Johnson    Opinion    March 22, 2023

An opportunity for making music in La Conner

Hey, now here’s a curveball for you, instead of larky snark about dikes and missing fish, music is the subject of the day. No, Sloughmander is not going to miraculously re-appear, unless he does, but don’t hold your breath. Heck, some of you...

 By Chuck Norris    Opinion    March 15, 2023

Another look at Shelter Bay's town hall

I agree with the writer’s statement (letter: “Weekly News story misreports Shelter Bay forum,” March 8) “We live in challenging times and a plague of misinformation stands in the way of finding solutions.” The writer then went at length to...


Old politicians: retire

There has been a lot of discussion of late, with very good reason, on the matter of the age of the president and other elected members of government. First, there was Sen. Feinstein of California, soon to retire at 89, with some noting an obvious...


La Conner's many sound resources

In my 16th and final year as mayor, I would like to thank the La Conner community for the opportunity to serve as your representative. Although our resources are limited, La Conner has been fortunate to attract and retain staff who are dedicated to...


One man's flood a real disaster

Fate intervened on Dec. 27. First is the fact that the day before, Monday was a municipal holiday. Secondly the Dunlap Towing stopped running their weekly ad providing the tide tables to the community in this newspaper three or four years ago. At...


Drill more for more oil

The Weekly News multi part series on energy transitions has spent many words telling us how we need to wean ourselves off of oil and go green. Admittedly I am no expert on these matters, but after nearly 70 years on this planet I have learned a thing...

 By Tina Tate    Opinion    December 14, 2022

Habitat for Humanity builds homes to solve housing crisis

In February of 2022, I took the CEO position at Skagit Habitat for Humanity after working for eight years in homeless services. I had once been homeless and hopeless myself. I joined Habitat because I felt like I could make more of a difference by...


Meeting to hear citizen views

By Linda Talman La Conner’s Town Council had a barely announced special meeting on Oct. 28. The meeting was illogical. The issue stemmed from a request of a group of hopeful residents to have a special planning commission meeting Nov. 1 to look for...


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