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Keep student learning locally focused

Oh how I wish I didn’t think about our little town’s budget, but as a businessman, I can’t help myself. I had to manage a small farm’s budget, and I didn’t get any grants from either the state or the feds, and I had to educate my employees, since the...


Regarding the future of agritourism

By Glen Johnson Agritourism, is it a good thing or bad? A wedding in a farmer’s backyard is a great place and time to congratulate the couple, while also putting the spready on the table. Foods from area farms could be shared, marketed and sold to t...


Slough Slosh Symphony

So the slough slowly flows, back and forth it goes, out to the Salish Sea and Pacific Ocean, before it returns as rain and tidal slosh. So effortless and timeless, it stimulates the phosphorous’ sparkly glow. It’s quite simple really, we just hav... Full story


Reflecting on this dry summer dust

I have been a part of our local farming community for sixty plus years now. I’ve seen more than half of the farm history in the region. I was able to observe the demise of peas, sweet corn and carrots. Now I’ve seen the arrival of dry beans, peppers,... Full story


A citizen's view - Tom Robbins deserved his King for a Day

So, Sept. 2 came and went, there couldn’t have been a finer day in La Conner spent. There was a “King” in town, complete with a crown, and a shiny white old fire truck. Yeah, mega author Tom Robbins was kinda awestruck. The town was full of its r... Full story

 By Glen Johnson    News    August 16, 2023

Cascadian Farm now a Rodale Institute center

The day dawned cloudy and there was an up-valley smokey haze. It would be less hot than it has been. I was destined for the Cascadian Farm Home Farm, a famous place, a fertile bench of farmland near Rockport across Highway 20 from the emerald green...

 By Glen Johnson    Opinion    July 26, 2023

A citizen's view: Let me tell you my imaginative alternatives

I read your editorial “La Conner needs to plan for more than just floods,” (Weekly News July 12) with great interest, and your words raised my eyebrows more than once. You see, you made a blanket statement, “No one in La Conner, elected offic...

 By Glen Johnson    Opinion    July 5, 2023

A citizen's view -- The sweet sounds of music drifting around

Music, what’s it to you, does it shiver your timbers, does it cause you to snap your fingers and tap your toes or make you breathe more easily through your nose? Certainly, one person’s music is another person’s noise, yet even in rip tearing rap,...

 By Glen Johnson    Opinion    March 22, 2023

An opportunity for making music in La Conner

Hey, now here’s a curveball for you, instead of larky snark about dikes and missing fish, music is the subject of the day. No, Sloughmander is not going to miraculously re-appear, unless he does, but don’t hold your breath. Heck, some of you onl...


Jacques, thanks for council service

Thank you, Jacques. The giving of all this time to your community is more than commendable. Towns of any size are not easy to manage. Council members are challenged every day to do their due diligence and make the best decisions they can. Some are...


See that each of us is magic

Hooray! Most of us have survived both the virus, and the election. Life is not easy when we divide ourselves the way we do, some of us believe the science, some believe the storyteller. Some folks think we do not much affect the climate, while...


Preparing for impending disaster

Here we sit, giving thanks for what we have, hoping that our lives are lived in relative peace and harmony. I pray for this myself, daily. Unfortunately, prayer alone is not always going to do the trick; sometimes we have to educate ourselves about...


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