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  • Some recreational shellfish areas now open

    Skagit County Government|Oct 18, 2023

    Washington State Dept. of Health has lifted the following closures for recreational shellfish harvesting :West Fidalgo Island,South Skagit and Similk Bay Harvesting remains closed to butter and varnish clams at Samish Island. Call 1-800-562-5632 to check for closures. Source: Skagit County Government...

  • County tire collection Oct. 5-6

    Skagit County|Sep 27, 2023

    Skagit County will host a free tire-round up for county residents Thursday-Friday Oct. 5-6 at the Skagit County Fairgrounds. Residents must register online. There is a limit of twelve road tires per household, including car, truck, motorcycle and semi-trucks. Tractor tires will not be accepted. Drop-off is at the north entrance of the fairgrounds, 1410 Virginia Street, Mount Vernon 98273. In the 2022 collection, over 40 tons of used road tires were dropped off in one day. County staff hope to collect at least that quantity again. Proper tire... Full story

  • Aerial view of farmland

    La Conner farm protected by County Farmland Legacy Program

    Skagit County government|Sep 6, 2023

    Skagit County's Farmland Legacy Program has finalized two farmland preservation projects this August, permanently protecting another 60 acres of farmland from development. The La Conner farmland is managed by two families – the Rings and the Lillquists – each of whom are descendants of Isaac Dunlap who served as Skagit County's first County Commissioner in 1889. Together, all 60 acres are leased to Thulen Farms. Landowner Karl Lillquist, along with his nieces, nephews and uncle, John Ring, exp...

  • Police Blotter 6/18-6/24

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Jun 28, 2023

    Monday, June 19 3:12 p.m.: Car accident – 2 car motor vehicle accident. Driver 1 was stopped at the intersection and started to travel eastbound and did not see driver 2 and collided with driver 2. Calhoun Rd., Greater La Conner. Tuesday, June 20 3:28 p.m.: Lost keys – Caller advised they had lost their car and house key within the last week. Nothing has been turned in at this time. La Conner. 10:27 p.m.: Abandoned motor home – Report of an abandoned vehicle. Deputies contacted a male subje...

  • Police Blotter 6/11-6/17

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Jun 21, 2023

    Sunday, June 11 10:51 p.m.: Heard but not seen – Report of subject lighting off fireworks. Area checked but nobody found and no further calls. Third/Caledonia St., La Conner. 11:07 p.m.: Possible accident – Report of a loud noise and a possible car accident at north fork bridge. Deputies checked the area and found fresh marks on the guard rail but no significant damage and no vehicles in the area. Best Rd., Greater La Conner. Tuesday, June 13 1:29 p.m.: Accident without insurance– Car accid...

  • Police Blotter 6/4-6/10

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Jun 14, 2023

    Sunday, June 4 8:07 p.m.: Utility pole crash – One vehicle non-injury collision. The driver lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a utility pole. Fir Island Rd., Greater La Conner. Wednesday, June 7 3:41 a.m.: Suspicious flashing car – Report of a dark colored sport utility vehicle driving around the area of the La Conner Marina with its flasher on. Law enforcement checked the area, and the vehicle already left. Pearle Jensen Way, La Conner. 6:48 a.m.: Candy thief – A male entered the Pio...

  • Police Blotter 5/28-6/1

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Jun 7, 2023

    Sunday, May 28 11:08 a.m.: Dog ran free – Report of a loose dog running around Waterfront Park. Law enforcement checked the area and couldn’t locate the dog. Conner Way, La Conner. Wednesday, May 31 11:57 a.m.: Suspicious male – Caller reported seeing a male she didn’t recognize and didn’t belong at the house next door. When she confronted the male, he advised he was lost and left the area. A door was found open, but the homeowner reported nothing was disturbed. McLean Rd., Greater La Conner Fri...

  • Police Blotter 5/21-5/27

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|May 31, 2023

    Sunday, May 21 8:38 p.m.: Played loud, turned down – Report of music sounds and children playing loudly. The homeowner was contacted, and the music was turned down. McLean Rd., Greater La Conner. Wednesday, May 24 11:32 a.m.: Money not warranted – A citizen advised she was contacted by phone scammers who stated she had a warrant for her arrest and needed to provide them money. She has no warrants and was advised of this scam. Kamb Rd., Greater La Conne Thursday, May 25 8:31 a.m.: Too loud for...

  • Police Blotter 5/14-5/20

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|May 24, 2023

    Sunday, May 14 4:00 a.m.: DUI arrest – A driver was observed crashing his vehicle into other vehicles parked on the street. The driver was stopped by law enforcement and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Caledonia St., La Conner. Monday, May 15 1:02 p.m.: Hot dog – A dog was locked in a hot parked car. Town code enforcement was notified to check on the car and dog inside. 1st St., La Conner. Thursday, May 18 7:52 a.m.: Thirsty and stubborn – Report of a man sitting on the p...

  • Police Blotter 5/7-5/13

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|May 17, 2023

    Tuesday, May 9 7:24 a.m.: Bung plug undone – An employee found their 2,500 gallon capacity tanker truck drained and in a puddle. They found the bung plug was off the drain valve in the back and the 1/4 turn valve was open. About $8,000 worth of fertilizer was lost. La Conner Whitney/Young Rds., Greater La Conner. 7:41 a.m.: Suspicious mailer – A mail truck delivering mail was mistaken as a suspicious vehicle.Chilberg Rd., Greater La Conner. Wednesday, May 10 6:59 p.m.: Phone found – A phone...

  • Police Blotter 4/30-5/6

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|May 10, 2023

    Monday, May 1 8:16 a.m.: Cow on road – Report of a loose cow on Josh Wilson Road. The animal owner got the cow back into the pasture where it belonged. Josh Wilson / Farm to Market Rds., Bayview. Friday, May 5 5:45 p.m.: Phone fraud success – A victim had her bank account, phone and e-mail hacked and lost $20,000 from her accounts. A fraudulent suspect posing to be Pay Pal accused the victim there was a $400 debt on their account. The fraudster was able to get enough information over the pho...

  • Police Blotter 4/23-4/29

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|May 3, 2023

    Sunday, April 23 3:17 p.m.: Up in flames – Two vehicle collision that left one vehicle fully engulfed in flames. A driver of one vehicle was pulled out of the car by citizens. One of the vehicles was traveling southbound on the road and entered the curve in the roadway failing to negotiate the curve and driving straight through it into the northbound lane. The vehicle was believed to be attempting to pass. The vehicle crashed head on into a vehicle traveling the opposite direction. Fir Island Rd...

  • Police Blotter 4/16-4/22

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Apr 26, 2023

    Tuesday, April 14 11:44 a.m.: Not abandoned – A vehicle reported as abandoned turned out to have the proper paid parking pass in the window when checked. Boat Launch Rd., La Conner. Wednesday, April 15 11:42 a.m.: Hitchhiker – A male subject was reported walking in and out of traffic and waving his arms. When the male was contacted by law enforcement, he advised he was trying to get a ride to Oak Harbor. The male was given a ride to the bus station. McLean / La Conner Whitney Rds., Greater La...

  • Police Blotter 4/9-4/15

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Apr 19, 2023

    Monday, April 10 8:30 p.m.: Suspicion at boat launch – Two subjects were seen getting into a junk abandoned boat near the boat launch. The two subjects left in a red truck and were not seen again. Conner Way, La Conner. 9:48 p.m.: Intersection blocked – Two suspicious vehicles were reported parked and blocking the roadway at an intersection. The caller said the vehicles left toward Mount Vernon. Law enforcement checked the area and confirmed the vehicles were gone. 3rd/Morris St., La Conner. Tue...

  • Police Blotter 4/2-4/8

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Apr 12, 2023

    Sunday, April 2 12:32 a.m.: Flashlight suspicion – Caller saw someone outside their house with a flashlight in the middle of the night. Law enforcement responded and checked around the house, but no one was located. Beaver Marsh Rd., Greater La Conner. 11:25 a.m.: Trespassing for daffodils – A commercial vehicle with a driver and passenger stopped in the roadway and the passenger walked into a daffodil field and picked four flowers. Law enforcement contacted the driver and passenger and war...

  • Police Blotter 3/26-3/31

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Apr 5, 2023

    Sunday, March 26 11:28 a.m.: Burglary – The caller said their house was entered and ransacked while they were in the process of moving out. Deputies collected evidence, investigation continuing. Caledonia St., La Conner. 12:25 p.m.: Grate theft – Report of the theft of a grate off the Padilla Trail. Deputies located the grate in the area and were able to put it back. The damage was reported to the owners, the Department of Ecology. Bay View Edison Rd., Greater La Conner. Monday, March 27 9:1...

  • Police Blotter 3/19-3/25

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Mar 29, 2023

    Monday, March 20 9:00 a.m.: Suspicious following – A suspicious driver and passenger in a white truck followed a citizen to La Conner. The citizen first noticed the white truck parked at a vacant farm in Mt. Vernon and thought it looked out of place. The citizen took a picture of the truck, and they started following him. The truck turned and discontinued following when they got near the Town Hall. Douglas St., La Conner. Tuesday, March 21 4:13 a.m.: Saving a duck – A motorist driving on the roa...

  • Police Blotter 3/12-3/18

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Mar 22, 2023

    Sunday, March 12 3:07 p.m.: Stolen Vehicle – A suspicious vehicle was parked partially in a driveway of a residence. The vehicle turned out to be a stolen vehicle out of Bellingham. The subject was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle. McLean Rd., Greater La Conner. Monday, March 13 1:16 a.m.: Possible prowler – A suspect walked onto a citizen's driveway and was looking in their vehicles and carport area. The suspect appeared to be waiting for the opportunity to prowl the vehicles. Myr...

  • Police Blotter 3/5-3/11

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Mar 15, 2023

    Sunday, March 5 12:39 a.m.: Local disturbance – A male was reported yelling, screaming and causing a disturbance. The male appeared asleep when he was contacted by police and after he woke up said he would be moving along. Myrtle St., La Conner. 4:37 p.m.: Scratch and run – A male suspect on a bike scratched the front bumper of a truck parked on the street. The male took off on his bike when confronted by the vehicle owner. 4th St., La Conner. Wednesday, March 8 4:02 p.m.: Found dog – A stray...

  • Police Blotter 2/27-3/4

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Mar 8, 2023

    Friday, March 3 10:09 a.m.: Loitering – The Swinomish Housing Authority reported an unwanted subject loitering around the apartment complex. Law enforcement contacted uninvolved tenants at the apartment building and learned the unwanted subjects left the area. Maple Ave., La Conner. 6:00 p.m.: Suspicious cycler – Report of a suspicious male seen jumping in and out of bushes and throwing a bicycle. Law enforcement arrived and checked the area, but the male was not located. Sherman Ave., La Con...

  • Police Blotter 2/19-2/25

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Mar 1, 2023

    Sunday, February 19 8:21 p.m.: Stolen vehicle found – Sheriff's deputies recovered a stolen vehicle under the Twin Bridges. Drugs and stolen mail were also recovered from inside the vehicle. A subject was questioned about his involvement but turned out to not be the suspect. The vehicle was later turned over to the owner. Boat Launch Rd., Greater La Conner. Tuesday, February 21 1:26 p.m.: Prison escapee – Report of a suspicious subject wearing what appeared to be a prison uniform walking on the...

  • Police Blotter 2/12-2/18

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Feb 22, 2023

    Sunday, February 12 2:59 p.m.: Territorial dogs – Report of neighborhood dogs acting aggressive toward the caller when they entered the property where the dogs live. There were no injuries reported. Park St., La Conner. Monday, February 13 11:47 a.m.: Abandoned car – A vehicle left abandoned was removed by a tow company. Best Rd., Greater La Conner. Tuesday, February 14 6:21 a.m.: Car in ditch – A vehicle spun out and landed in a ditch near Snow Goose Produce. The driver was able to get the v...

  • Police Blotter 2/5-2/11

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Feb 15, 2023

    Monday, February 6 12:22 p.m.: Car crash – A truck crashed into the front of a car when it pulled out into the front of it. The vehicle owners exchanged insurance information with the assistance of law enforcement. There were no injuries reported. Maple Ave., La Conner. 3:53 p.m.: Dog left in car – Report of a dog left in a vehicle parked on the street. Shortly after the report the owner of the vehicle got into the car and left. Morris St., La Conner. Tuesday, February 7 5:21 a.m.: Noise complai...

  • Police Blotter 1/29-2/4

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Feb 8, 2023

    Tuesday, January 31 7:58 a.m.: Broken glass – Sometime overnight a section of glass on the front door of the business was broken. No entry by a suspect into the building was reported. A suspect has not yet been identifi ed. Morris St., La Conner. 6:56 p.m.: Suspicious drivers – An unknown vehicle pulled into the driveway and left. About 30 minutes passed and another vehicle did the same thing. It was determined the vehicles might have been going to a nearby business and went to the wrong drivewa...

  • Police Blotter 1/22-1/28

    Skagit County Sheriff Office|Feb 1, 2023

    Monday, January 23 11:30 a.m.: Wandering dog – A tan female pit bull mix was wandering in the Farmhouse parking lot. The organization SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time) was contacted to come get the dog. The humane society was also notified in case someone reports the dog missing. La Conner Whitney Rd., Greater La Conner. 12:56 p.m.: Stolen tools – A suspect entered a detached shop and took two Dewalt drills and a Dewalt Saw Zaw from a toolbox sometime overnight. There are currently no sus...

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