Slough Slosh Symphony


October 11, 2023

So the slough slowly flows, back and forth it goes, out to the Salish Sea and Pacific Ocean, before it returns as rain and tidal slosh. So effortless and timeless, it stimulates the phosphorous’ sparkly glow. It’s quite simple really, we just have to have a spinning orb, that tilts this way and that. Yeah, one with a moon and numerous planets, affecting how our waters cycle and flow.

Wind whipped waves lap and lash at our shores, sometimes smashing, sometimes as smooth as glass, giving us glimpses of our past, before we crashed ashore. What would we be if we didn’t go through that door, would we have gills, or a blowhole with lungs? Would we filter oxygen from the fluid in which we’d swim, or would we be like an octopus or platypus? So simple, so complex, what more will we learn next? Are we bits of cosmic dust, mixed with minerals from the oceans and seas, or something else that’s as equally difficult to believe? Is it possible that we are a little bit of everything, from the fungi, to the trees with leaves, and the fishes in the sea, to the wind that carries the bees? Could it be that we’re as complicated as a combination of all of these? Yeah, all these questions can bring us to our knees, where we pray for answers, from a creator of our choice, to believe.

Glen Johnson

Skagit Valley


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