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Beet Borscht (with elk meat)

Aquiimuk's Kitchen

The base of this recipe is vegetarian. I cook the beets separately and then add in the other ingredients. This is a hearty winter soup. A couple of protein options are Polish sausage, roast beef or a tin of beans. Adding a potato is optional. This serves 3 people.


Beets, 3 medium

Red onion,¼ c. chopped

Red cabbage,1 c. chopped

Bell pepper,¼ c. chopped

Carrot, 1 large chopped

Vegetable broth, 1 carton

Olive oil, 1 TB

Elk steak, cooked, 1 c. chopped


Cook the beets separately after scrubbing with a brush under cold running water. They take about an hour to co...


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