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Goulash is a family recipe. My adopted father was Polish American. This meal was a regular favorite and adapted to our Alaskan lifestyle. My mother made this with moose burger. My polish grandmother, Margaret made sure all her favorite ingredients were stocked in our cupboards. She loved adding a can of dark kidney beans and seasoning with a bit of ground sage. I adapted the recipe by adding chopped bell pepper and substituting jarred/canned spaghetti sauce. Our original family recipe used canned whole tomatoes, tomato sauce and the small can of tomato paste. You can also add fresh chopped tomatoes. Each tomato product creates a richer base to the goulash.


Ground beef, ½ pound

Onion, ½ medium, chopped

Bell pepper, ¼ chopped

Garlic granules, 2 tsp

Spaghetti sauce, one can/jar

Italian seasoning, 2 tsp

Olive oil, 1 tbsp

Elbow pasta, 2 cups

Water, 2 quarts

Salt (1/4 tsp) and olive oil (1 tsp) for the pasta water.


Brown the ground beef in the olive oil. Add the chopped onion and begin seasoning. Use just one teaspoon of the garlic granules and one teaspoon of the Italian seasoning for the meat. Add the chopped bell pepper. Stir occasionally to brown the meat. When the meat browns, if it becomes too dry, add a bit more olive oil. Then add in the spaghetti sauce. The additional spices go in next, stir as the sauce heats. Cover and simmer while the water for the pasta heats. To the pasta water, add the salt and olive oil. Cook the pasta to your liking. Drain. Add into the sauce. Mix well. Simmer for five to ten minutes. Serve with Parmesan.


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