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Onion Bread


February 16, 2022

Onion Bread

A warm bread to snack on these chilly sunny days of late winter. The transition between winter and spring. Foggy mornings. Frosty mornings. Blue skies. This recipe is made in the bread machine. The bread flour choice is the espresso bread flour by the local Cairnspring Mills. This recipes makes 1.5 lb. loaf. I used an extra virgin olive oil. Normally I would use a canola or vegetable oil. But, I was fresh out, having shared my last bottle of canola oil with my sister-in-law, Karen Joe.


Water, 1 cup and 2 tablespoons

Oil, 2 tablespoons

Sugar, 2 tablespoons

Bread flour, 3 cups

Dry onion soup mix, 2 tablespoons

Fast rising yeast, 4 and ½ teaspoons


I always heat the water in the microwave.

The temperature of the water needs to between 115 and 125 degrees.

I use a thermometer that I bought to make candy.

I also heat up more water than necessary and when it’s the right temperature, measure the correct amount.

The other preparation I do is measure out several of the ingredients, into separate containers.

That helps, just in case there is an interruption, such as a knock on the door or a text message arrives.

By pre-measuring, before adding them together, gives me confidence, that I will create a great loaf of bread! With the water, heated and measure, add into the bread pan.

Then add the oil.

Next add in the sugar and dry onion soup mix.

Carefully add in all the flour, taking care to cover all the liquid.

With your fingers, scoop out a small bowl shape in the top center of the flour.

Take care to keep the liquid covered.

Into the bowl, place the yeast.

Set the bread pan into the bread machine and lock into place.

Close the lid.

Then, use these settings.

1.5 lb. loaf, express mode, which is around one hour.

Set the shade of bread to your preference, light, medium or dark.

When done, remove immediately and rub with the end of a stick of butter.

That softens and adds flavor to the crust.

Wait at least 30 minutes before cutting.


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