America has changed and Joe Biden is to blame


December 13, 2023

Growing up in Seattle from the early ‘50’s until 1989 when I finally had a bellyful of the insanity and moved here, it seemed like the world had gone just nuts!

Compared to today’s world, America in particular, it was the best of times!

Between the massive rise in illegal immigration on our southern border and a completely feckless president who refuses to do anything about it except to blame everything on the previous administration, which btw had record low numbers of illegal immigration.

Just last week we witnessed 19,000 encounters in Arizona alone that weekend, with apparently mostly young single men from all over the world, every continent, arriving, allowing themselves to be caught, do the paperwork, then be cut loose into the country to do as they please. They’re gone and won’t be seen again until arrested for a crime. This is insanity!

Our so-called institutions of higher learning having now created a generation of skulls full of mush, running around with their hair on fire over something they have no control over, we are now looking for all the world like pre-WWII Nazi Germany, with the rampant anti Semitism, rioting in the streets, attacking people of the Jewish faith and defending the horrific behavior of Hamas.

That college students and faculty members would write letters proclaiming that Israel is to blame for the horrendous and brutal attacks by Hamas, is almost too stupid to comprehend. My kids are both done with schooling, but I can tell you this much. If I ever saw one of them marching in the streets for that “cause,” or being any part of such insanity, they would have found themselves being cut off from any further financial help with schooling costs! 

If the voters are foolish enough to vote Joe Biden in for another term, the future looks very bleak indeed. Those with TDS, “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” need not vote for him, but a vote for Biden is a vote for continued disaster on so many levels.

Vote for anyone but Biden, as he and his party are largely responsible for much of what is wrong with America today.

Scott Stoppelman

Shelter Bay


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