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More on Center Street apartments


December 8, 2021

The rest of the story

Recently the town posted a green announcement on the property on Center Street in the back of Sliders – raising alarms in town – because of the scope of the oversized proposal and the shoddiness of the application. Since then many letters have been written – ten of them posted on the town website through Dec. x.

The deadline for the letters was Dec. 1 but that doesn’t matter.

After the deadline, the mayor called four of the citizens who wrote letters. He told one that she didn’t need to send her letter to the council and mayor – which I recommend because it gets posted on the town website.

He allegedly told the other three – who compared notes – that this proposal wasn’t really the way it was really going to be. What?

Why would the planner do that to us – notifying neighbors of their worst nightmare when the application had so many application problems? Are we supposed to do the homework for the town?

Why would the mayor allegedly tell a neighbor that she didn’t have to send her letter to the mayor and council? There is no other way to let them know. And why would he tell other three letter writers that the project would not actually be the way the application said it would be?

Is this just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks?

*So for the record – if you want to get your letter out to more people but you are shy about a letter to the editor or your letter is too long for the paper – do what he allegedly said not to do. Send it to all council members. It will be posted on line at and widen your audience. (Send to both the paper and the town!)

*Also for the record – you can still send letters to the mayor and the council. Planning, too. Heck, the spaghetti didn’t stick.

**We are all ok with modest residences.

La Conner United,

Linda Talman

La Conner


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