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Shelter Bay lawsuit hearing Friday

Lawyers for the five Shelter Bay board of directors sued by then-resident Jan Henrie in 2023 will be in Skagit Superior Court Friday morning, May 10, asking that the lawsuit be moved to the Court of Appeals.

Henrie’s suit alleged malfeasance and failure in these board members’ actions and conduct for their passing an “invalid budget in violation of both the Shelter Bay Community bylaws and the Revised Code of Washington.”

The defendants, Wendy Poulton, Elaine Dixon, Monte Hicks, Joseph Hurley and Louise Kari, have not contested the case’s merits. Instead they claim Henrie has no standing to bring the suit. Superior Court Judge Laura Riquelme has ruled against them twice.

The defense is asking the judge to stop the preceding while they ask the Court of Appeals to grant discretionary review of the multiple decisions against them by Riquelme.

Defense lawyer Amy Rosario writes in her April 29 motion that the defendants are seeking approval “on the threshold issue of standing.” It is their fifth attempt.

The defendants were board of director executive committee members when Henrie filed her case. Poulton and Hicks are still on the board.

A notice for discretionary review to the Court of Appeals was also filed April 29.


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