By Ken Stern 

La Conner's tax revenues are middling in December


March 27, 2024

The Town of La Conner’s sales tax revenue was significantly down in December, to $47,549, the lowest since 2020, the first year of the coronavirus pandemic.

The total, reported to the town council by the state Department of Revenue, is $15,554, 24.6% below 2023’s record December collection. The special-use fire tax revenues were similarly down, at $4,739, 24.5% below 2023.

Tourists were spending less at restaurants and stores, but probably staying in town overnight more, or longer. The December hotel/motel tax collection was $13,915, almost 22% above the 2023 total.

The real estate excise tax collection on the sale of real property was $2,376 in a high interest rate real estate market. As with the property tax, which did not have taxes reported, the monthly totals vary widely across the year. This early, no analysis can be made.

The four water and wastewater treatment funds are more major revenue sources. Water revenues were $105,773; drainage $30,521; sewer $54,444; and sewer compost $71,290. The water and storm drainage collections are meeting their two-month projections while the sewer and compost collections are a bit lower, 3% and 2% below. Expenditures on storm drainage had capital costs, including a forklift, and are at 26% for the year, at $168,329. The other fund expenditures are at or below projections.

Totals are based on December collections from town businesses and online purchases delivered to La Conner addresses and reported on a two-month lag by the Department of Revenue. The sales tax rate remains at 8.6%.

La Conner has a calendar fiscal year.


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