Often-photographed Brodie Coyote didn't have a bad side


February 28, 2024

Golden retriever wears sunglasses, sits behind steering wheel of car

Don Coyote

Longtime La Conner news photographer Don Coyote is renowned for making magic with his camera.

But no magic was needed to enhance the image of his favorite photographic subject, the late Brodie Coyote, the endearing golden retriever who was loyally at Don's side for more than a decade before the four-legged La Conner goodwill ambassador's death Feb. 15.

Variously described as a "godly creature" and "darling retriever," Brodie Coyote was the ideal model and photographer's sidekick. Coyote called him his newshound.

He didn't have a bad side and never took a bad photo.

The proof is in Don Coyote's extensive gallery featuring Brodie, who at the peak of his immense popularity had his own calendar, which regularly sold out at local stores like Seaport Books.

"He has something like 27,000 photos," Weekly News publisher Ken Stern said of Don Coyote, an iconic La Conner photojournalist for decades.

Photographing Brodie was a hobby and a passion for Coyote.

Some of the best of those photos have graced the pages of the Weekly News. Brodie had a knack for showing up, often wearing shades, at countless news events from the Tulip Festival and tribal canoe landings to parades and festivals.

Fortunately, he convinced Don to join him on those occasions, resulting in some great shots of the "fur-ever perfect" newshound on the job. For over 10 years, the award-winning photographer and charismatic canine, were inseparable.

Golden retriever watches people refill newspaper box

Don Coyote

The sweet-natured Brodie, a favorite with locals and tourists alike, followed in the paw steps of previously revered town dogs like Dirty Biter and Bojo Zimmerman, who likewise received much-deserved press attention.

In each case, most recently with Brodie, the photos and news coverage promoted the importance of literacy in the community. Especially among youth.

Brodie Coyote's exploits and appearances on the pages of the Weekly News, Stern wrote shortly after purchasing the paper, "encourage everyone out there to read a little more."

Of course, as we know, a picture is worth a thousand words. And with 27,000 pictures, the legacy of Brodie Coyote speaks volumes.

And volumes upon volumes.

Golden retriever wears sunglasses, sits behind steering wheel of carGolden retriever watches people refill newspaper box


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