AIPAC influences Washington politicians


January 24, 2024

On Jan. 16, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a resolution in the. Senate calling on the State Department to investigate requesting accountability on Israel’s misuse of American weaponry in their current genocide of the people of Gaza and the West Bank. Unfortunately the resolution did not pass. It was voted down 72-11.

Eleven senators, including one Republican, voted for the resolution. I googled the results: Low and behold, our state’s Democratic senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, helped shoot the resolution down. I then googled the list of recipients of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee – ed.) funds and Sens. Murray and Cantwell both dipped into the AIPAC slush fund to the tune of $613,000 and $399,000 respectively.

Hence, AIPAC’s investment paid dividends for the Israelis. I have (naively) voted for both of these senators thinking them honest and above board and assuming they are legitimately looking after our best interests: au contraire’.

This leaves me wondering are there any politicians on the national level that are not corrupted by AIPAC or other similar corrupters? We elect these people because they promise, even swear an oath to our country, but I guess their real allegiance is to the almighty dollar.

Suffice to say I will not be voting or supporting them ever again.

John Leaver

La Conner


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