Police Blotter: Skagit County Sheriff's Office


January 3, 2024

Sunday, December 24

9:40 p.m. Weaved away— Erratically driven vehicle on Mclean Road and then into the Town of La Conner. Vehicle turned on to Maple Avenue and the caller stopped following. No plate provided and no further complaints.. Morris St. / Maple Ave., La Conner.

Monday, December 25

1:35 a.m. Dog ran free — Small dog running loose in the middle of the road. Caller was off duty officer but advised they could not catch it and it kept running away. Unknown owner and no response from a deputy. Summers Dr. / Best Rd., Greater La Conner.

Wed., December 27

10:43 a.m. Dropped call — Cell phone alert of a possible MVA at the intersection. This was an automatic alert that is often cause by a sudden jolt or dropping of a phone. We checked the area and did not find any problems.Chilbergy Rd. Chilberg Ln., Greater La Conner.

3:08 p.m. Runnng dogs — Report of two loose dogs running in the area. There is no leash law in the county and the dogs were not a danger to traffic. Deputy did not respond due to no laws being violated.Mann / Fir Island Rds.., Conway.

10:44 p.m. Stuck situation — Caller reported a possible MVA at this residence with a vehicle stuck in a field just off the road. A deputy responded and found it was not an MVA and the driver and just pulled in to park and got stuck. Driver was going to need a tow to get out.. Maple Ave., La Conner.

Thursday, December 28

9:41 a.m. Dead end call — Oak Harbor Police requested a check of the business to try and locate a direct number for a case they were investigating. Only numbers available were automated lines that would not reach a real person.. Morris St., La Conner.

12:17 p.m. All o.k. — Client reported that they might be missing jewelry from their room. A deputy responded but this may be an age and confusion issue. Unknown if anything is actually missing. N 1st St., La Conner.


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