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December 20, 2023

Kudos to the editor for being willing to post a letter in last week’s issue that, I suspect, did not align with his perspective. This gives credence to his professed belief that a free press, uncensored, is best and open communication can, hopefully, create new channels of understanding.

I can relate to the letter writer’s sense of loss (“America has changed,” Dec. 13). Yes, those golden years that we both grew up in were awesome. And yes, we miss them. But times change, conditions change and then is gone forever. Kiss it goodbye.

And don’t blame Joe Biden. There were a few, mostly Republican, presidents between then and now. It would take more reams of newsprint than we have available here to discuss that.

I would remind the writer that most of the vegetables and fruits that he eats are presented to him by immigrant labor. And that there is a shortage of those workers. His obsession on issues at the border is, I search for the term, how about “obsessive?” It borders on being racist.

And then we devolve to “skulls full of mush” and “hair on fire.” Oh, my.

The writer seems to have no grasp of the history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the total domination of Israel over any Palestinian attempt at sovereignty, the denial of rights to Palestinian citizens in Israel, the ongoing killing and theft of land on the Left Bank.

And, lastly, the writer seems to reveal a commitment to total control, cutting off aid to his children if they go against his political beliefs. This is most revealing of one who is dedicated to certain political beliefs that override even family love.

Jai Boreen

La Conner


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