No one way First Street


December 13, 2023

The idea of making First Street in La Conner one way has been attempted before, over 25 years ago now. It didn’t work.

The Town’s public works department used to change the traffic flow to one way during tulip festival, for a month during that time.

One way traffic flow actually works very well for directing people to the parking lot at the south end of town. It impacts Second Street negatively, by increasing the number of vehicles making the loop around and around with (mostly locals) trying to get to the post office.

Any time I travel I find a pay parking lot/space to sightsee by foot. Tourists are used to this, I think. The only ones who drive round and round are locals for the most part, so as to get done with their business in a short period of time.


“If it ain’t broke, … .”

Been there, done that, lost my job.


Gordon A Bell

La Conner


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