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Skagit County Sheriff's Office

Monday, November 27

9:12 a.m. ASPIRING BANKSY – Over the holiday weekend, graffiti was painted on buildings at Pioneer Park and one of the cooktop firepits was damaged. Unknown suspects; believed to be kids in the area. 4th St., La Conner.

12:02 p.m. MICRO HOME – Movers noticed items in a shed that they believe indicated someone may be living in the shed. A deputy checked the property and found it was just storage items and had not been used in a long time. 3rd St., La Conner.

12:27 p.m. BOAT BANDITS – A sailboat at J dock had items stolen from it and one of the windows damaged in what seemed to be an attempted entry. No suspects currently but there are multiple thefts from the J and K dock. Suspects may be associated to the area. Boats should be secured and expensive equipment locked down. 2nd St., La Conner.

Tuesday, November 28

5:27 p.m. BRAKING BAD – Icy roads led to several MVA’s in the area. Reported vehicle slid off the road and rolled one time. No injuries. Slow down when cold. La Conner Whitney Rd, Greater La Conner.

Thursday, November 30

12:29 p.m. SPEED RACER –Vehicle speeding and passing on double yellow lines. A deputy checked the area but did not locate the suspect vehicle and no other complaints came in. McLean Rd., Greater La Conner.

Friday, December 1

1:26 p.m SCAMMER – Phone scam where someone called and tried to get info from the reporter. No info was given and this is for info only, that phone scams are picking up in the area. Maple Ave., La Conner.

12:38 p.m.-TIPSY TIP OFF – Concern over a parent possibly being intoxicated when the picked up a child from school. Multiple agencies checked for the car and the child’s residence with no luck. No further calls came in and there was no actual evidence that the parent was intoxicated. N. 6th St., La Conner.

Saturday, December 2

10:42 p.m. PARKING LOT BUMPER CARS – Subject came out of work to find that his car had been hit while parked in the parking lot. There was a note left behind with contact info for the exchange of information. This is a private property collision and law enforcement was not needed. 1st St., La Conner.


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