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November 15, 2023

It is not unusual for tourist towns to reserve a free parking lot for its visitors. For example, Sedona, AZ and Cedar Key, FL. Not to mention Anacortes and Mount Vernon locally. I think our town council should think of free parking as a form of hospitality. Free parking will welcome guests to our town.

La Conner has a huge lot (on South Third Street, below Town Hall – ed.). Make this lot free so residents, employees and guests will use it. Free parking there will relieve parking on First Street, Second Street and beyond.

What motivated me to write about free parking was the vision of parking meters on First Street. Not only are parking meters unsightly, walkers already have to dodge telephone poles and creeping signs. Add meters and the sidewalk is an obstacle course.

Another idea is to limit parking in town to 2-3 hours. As a courtesy, reserve space for handicapped visitors.

I can imagine our council fretting over losing the revenue from the big lot. I believe making the big lot free will be made up in good will and sales tax. That will be especially needed this winter.

Council, please consider free parking. This will make our visitors feel appreciated and relieves our parking problems.


Susan Widdop

La Conner


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