Facts on Skagit Habitat Humanity purchase story


October 11, 2023

To the Editor,

Your article this past week related to Habitat for Humanity’s purchase of property in La Conner (“Skagit Habitat for Humanity buys La Conner property,” Oct. 4) is factually incorrect. While representatives of Habitat for Humanity have met with town staff regarding their purchase of this property, the town has made no indication regarding the zoning of this property to enable the development described in your article. Moreover, no application has been made to the town requesting any such amendment to our Comprehensive Plan.

As you know, the town is in the process of updating our Comprehensive Plan in accordance with state mandates. We expect to complete this process on schedule by July of 2025. And while we will be looking at ways to enable the development of more affordable housing, we have not made any representation to any applicant that a specific property would be rezoned to accommodate such development at this time.

As you are also aware, the town’s staff has been actively involved in encouraging public participation in the Comprehensive Plan update process. Any suggestion that there is a “done deal” on any property within the community would, in my opinion, serve to discourage public participation in the process.

The town remains committed to working with members of the community to enable more housing for lower-income and working class families. Our Comprehensive Plan update process, which focuses on community involvement, will help to make that happen

Michael Davolio

Planning Director

Town of La Conner


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