FD 13 thanked


October 4, 2023

Thank you for covering the Sept. 24 Fire District 13 Open House event and for consistently providing your readers with information from and about this outstanding group of firefighter/EMTs who serve the community.

Your article centers on the dedication of a new residence facility that will house FD 13 volunteer first responders when they commit to a 24 hour, or perhaps 48 hour, shift and become part of a team that answers emergency fire and medical 911calls every hour, every day of the year. That residence will see to the personal care and wellbeing of men and women who, in many cases, leave their homes and families to be on site and ready to respond in mere minutes to over 1,300 emergency calls annually.

To have my name, my family’s name, associated with that significant FD 13 asset is at once deeply humbling and a special honor for which I will be forever grateful.

To those who live, work or travel through FD 13’s vast service area: You are professionally served by highly skilled and trained volunteer individuals willing to make your safety and security a priority in their lives. Offer your support, your words of encouragement and appreciation in return.

To the FD 13 family: Your public service mission is critical, your success in consistently meeting that mission is without rival. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work for and with you during my tenure as commissioner.

Larry Kibbee



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