Robbins Musing not appreciated


September 27, 2023

I did not appreciate your musings on Tom Robbins Day. Tom has been our friend for 49 years and is the funniest man we know. He’s still in better shape than many of his friends 20 years younger then he is. To say he was propped up is ageist. He recently went through another bought of COVID-19 and fared well.

Tom has always been there for our community, greater area and issues that matter to our world. All we ever had to do is call him when we needed him to entertain us. I asked him many times to help and he did, to stop the nuclear plants here and other places. His activism is well known which he still has a hand in.

I didn’t think your comment about the dummy mummy was very funny at all. It would be great to celebrate the love and creativity he inspires anytime! Note that the funds made at the event goes to the library children’s program. It’s okay to celebrate our elders and younger people too.

We and all our many guests had a great time that day including our children and their friends! The tribal kids with us had a great time passing out carnival beads. He inspires reading and I loved all his books which I read. I’ll celebrate Tom any day and every day.

Debbie Aldrich

La Conner


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