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Letter to the editor: Tom Robbins celebration is community at its best

Tom and I were touched and grateful for everyone who participated in Tom Robbins Day. The event uplifted our community and reminded us to play, imagine and create. The costumes and parade participants were truly delightful. The day emphasized what a great town we are privileged to live in. 

This event would not have happened without our committee. Gina Torpey (aka lead fairy), Meg Holgate, Betsy Humphrey and Cherie Ware worked tirelessly for three months to make this day possible. Big thanks to Mayor Ramon Hayes for his beautiful proclamation. Community leaders from Marna Hanneman to Kevin and Patricia Paul lent support in meaningful ways. Our firefighters and sheriff made the event safe for everyone. Restaurants and merchants were incredibly generous in supporting the raffle and making displays. Many wonderful local artists carved Spam to raise funds for the new kid’s art program at the library. 

We are thrilled that the fundraising portion will spark creative possibility in the youth of La Conner. Library Director, Jean Markert and Board Chair Susan Macek were instrumental in supporting our efforts. While the event was centered on Tom, our hope is that the spirit of Tom’s imagination continues on in new and innovative ways. Community at its best celebrates more than one individual. It highlights the possibility for everyone’s unique talents to shine. As Tom wrote: “Our greatest human adventure is the evolution of consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain.”

Alexa Robbins

La Conner


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