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Questions about flooding

I was pleased to read in last week’s Weekly News of the emergency flood commission touring the areas that were breached in last year’s flood. It has been seven months since the high tide inundated the town causing 1.8 million dollars damage to people’s homes and town businesses.

Having experienced the flooding up close and personal, I have a few questions. I have photos of the water pouring through the blue metal buildings on the old Moore Clark property. That water spread throughout the south end of town. My question is what is stored in those buildings? This area was used for industrial purposes for years. I would like to think that the Fire Department has made inspection in the event of an industrial fire.

My other question pertains to the north end of town. The La Conner Retirement Inn has underground parking. Two cars did not make it out when the tide flooded the parking area. Water was pumped out of the parking garage into the Center Street neighborhood causing more damage. Has there been any planning to seal off the parking garage during high tide events?

I hope we don’t take our eye off the ball for flood potential from the Skagit River. I would hope that commission members have the opportunity to read and view the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers report on how a breach at the riverbend in Mt Vernon will affect La Conner. Many millions of dollars were spent to prepare this report and computer simulation. For anyone who does not live on the hill, flood insurance is an expense that continues to rise as climate change batters our country.

I advocate on behalf of all town residents that live in the flood plain that the highest priority for town government is to protect the town and its infostructure.

Recently moved out of the flood plain,

Stuart Welch

La Conner


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