Letter to the Editor: Opposes cluster munitions


I oppose the use of cluster munitions. Cluster munitions do not always detonate when deployed and civilians in countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos have been killed and wounded by these explosive devices long after the end of the war. More than 120 countries have banned cluster bombs. The United States must do the same.

I continue to stand with the Ukrainian people and for an independent and sovereign Ukraine. That is why I have consistently supported humanitarian, military, diplomatic and economic aid for Ukraine. That is why I have met with Ukraine refugees in my district to hear their perspectives on securing work, housing and planning their futures in Northwest Washington. And that is why I voted to reject extreme GOP amendments to reduce aid and undermine U.S. support for Ukraine in this year’s defense policy bill.

Ukraine and Washington state’s Ukrainian American community stand strong. The United States, along with its NATO allies and partners, will continue to focus on responding to the Ukrainian government’s legitimate requests for aid and on holding Putin and his enablers accountable. The war in Ukraine can only end with Ukraine as an independent nation that controls its own borders, selects its own leaders and determines its own future.

Rick Larsen, Representative

2nd Congressional District


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