Letter to the editor: Oppose cluster-bomb use on moral grounds


News that President Biden intends to permit the release of cluster bombs to the war in Ukraine needs to be challenged on moral and legal grounds and I would ask that we reach out to Rep. Rick Larsen as a member of the House Armed Services Committee to ask him to oppose the cluster bombs transfer. Cluster bombs are some of the worst weaponry of war, especially on the citizenry.

The cluster “bomblets” are designed to detonate in the air, but many fail to do so and fall to the ground leaving them especially vulnerable to children who are maimed and killed as they play in fields and travel to school. Cluster bombs are prohibited under international law, the Convention on Cluster Munitions, that went into effect in 2010, that “prohibits all use, transfer, production and stockpiling of cluster munitions.”

Unfortunately the U.S. failed to join some 127 other states as a signatory to the CCM.


Tom Ewell



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