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Marina Moorings

Summer is well and truly upon us! The sure sign at the marina is the Edmonds Yacht Club taking up literally every inch of guest dock space for their Memorial Day bash. It is a great time and we are super pleased to have them back again this year.

The second sign of summer at the marina is the summer dockhands reporting for their first day of work. We have a great bunch this year, all of them high-achieving college students. Be sure to greet them if you see them around the marina or bringing folks into town in the Port golf carts (a summer service we provide to all guests). They are all interesting young people who you will want to meet. They are available every day to help our guests on the docks. Call the office or reach out on 66A and they will meet you as you arrive.

Another sign summer is here is visitors in the RV park. We had over 50 RVs in the park last weekend, just about completely full. It takes a lot to get this organized and Joe, our camp host, has had a steady stream of RVs coming and going. He is really doing a great job!

One visitor starting summer here is the Sea Horse, here for a few days on F dock. They are the giant blue vessel with a crane mounted on it that you might notice on the Channel – clearly not our typical visiting yacht! They are in town working on a Corps of Engineers project that should be finished up shortly.

As you prepare to take your boat out, don’t forget to check your safety gear. If you need help with this or want an expert opinion contact the Coast Guard Auxiliary ( and they can guide you through the process. Is your fire extinguisher still good? Your inflatable PFD still operational? Flares still good? All of these can be critical should an emergency develop. Hope for the best but plan for the worst is a good maxim for taking the family out on the boat.

Final maintenance thought – before you start your inboard engine, make sure your seacock is in good working condition. Remember, it’s all that stands between you and a lot of water, so make sure it will close, just in case.

See you on the Channel!


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