Henrie Shelter Bay lawsuit


Shelter Bay resident Jan Henrie filed a motion in Skagit Superior Court May 5 asking for a default judgment in her lawsuit against the community’s board members Wendy Poulton, Elaine Dixon Monte Hicks, Joseph Hurley and Louise Kari because defense lawyers had not responded to Henrie’s motion for reconsideration. Her lawyer, Paul Taylor, argued that the court erred in ruling the defendants had no fiduciary duty to Henrie, and as a matter of law and ttat it applied the wrong standard of law.

Defense lawyer Meredith Thielbahr responded that the court was correct. She answered May 10 that the complaint be dismissed with prejudice, asking for attorney fees and costs to the fullest extent permitted by law; and for such other relief th court deems just and equitable.

The court has not ruled or set a date for a hearing as of May 16.


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