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Town of La Conner $873,000 in black at close of 2022

Can you say $873,094 Town of La Conner 2022 budget surplus? Director of Finance Maria DeGoede can. Her monthly treasurer’s report for the 4th quarter 2022, year to date, in the town council’s Jan. 10 meeting packet, shows revenue of $5,988,197, 117% of projected for the year. Expenditures were $5,115,103 and $942,082, or 15.6% below 2022’s projections.

Every fund category was above 100% projections, led by the two Real Estate Excise Tax funds (REET), at 221% of projections, $48,715. But it was the general fund, $211,029 in additional revenue, the compost operations, $178,638 over, and water re...


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