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Tragedy in art and life


November 23, 2022

My daughter treated me to the last performance of the opera, Otello, at McIntyre Hall two weeks ago. This moving and beautifully performed tragedy dealt the cards of viciously spread “misinformation,” lies, deceit and racism in order to overthrow the Moor, Otello, to discredit his victories, honorably won, his position of power and deep domestic happiness, all for the goal personal power.

Iago, our lying villain (beautifully and compelling sung), personifies, not only the evil of the 1500s in Cyprus, but of the recent political reality in this country. The trepidation of a MAGA victory in the 2022 election was a reflection of the opera, lies over truth, vengeance politics, justice defeated.

Yet the voice of America voters has spoken, and they have spoken against chaos, against lies, extremism and “misinformation.” Katie Hobbs won her governorship over the election denier Katie Lake. Marie Glusenkemp Perez, a Reed College graduate and auto shop owner, beat Green Beret Joe Kemp, who supported Mr. Trump’s lies, a total abortion ban and among other travesties, supported the ability to purchase a machine gun, available for the casual gun buyer.

One quietly hoped such outcomes might be possible, that common sense and truth still mattered, that a Supreme Court that refuses to take public opinion and the majority of the will of the people into consideration would be held to account. And they were, held to account, and the voice of the people of this country spoke through their votes.

The voice of the American people (mostly) said “We are still a democracy, we believe in the rule of law, justice over injustice.”

The true tragedy of power in vindictive hands has been averted, as the tragedy that defeated the Moor, Otello, was not. I breath more easily, feel faith in our people restored.


Christine Wardenburg-Skinner



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