By Ken Stern 

UPDATE – Shavers leading Gilday for state rep

Anderson winning Skagit County over Hobbs


November 17, 2022

Clyde Shavers took the lead for state legislative district 10 State Representative Position 1 against State Rep. Greg Gilday (R-Camano Island) after Tuesday’s votes were counted. His narrow lead is 221 votes districtwide after the Nov. 16-17 vote counts. His margin of 1,322 votes in Skagit County keeps him ahead. Shavers has 58.1% of the vote in the southwestern portion of the county in LD 10.

Some 7,000 Skagit County ballots remain to be counted. While it is not known how many are from LD 10 precincts, Shavers has gained votes every round in the majority Democratic county. Only 500 or so votes are left to be counted in all of Snohomish Count and LD 10 is in the northeast corner. There Gilday has won 59.2% of votes. On Thursday, there were fewer than 200 LD 10 votes and Gilday only increased his lead by 66 votes.

Island County finished counting votes Nov. 15 and will tally its last 50 votes Nov. 29 when it certifies all races. Shavers won 53.5%, and by 3,044 votes there.

State Rep. Dave Paul (D-Oak Harbor) continues to widen his lead and has been reelected to the LD 10 Position 2. He has 52.1% and a 3,116 vote lead districtwide. In Skagit County Paul, has taken 60.6%, an advantage of 1,736 votes.

All other races are decided except for the final totals.

Federal and statewide

U.S. Senator Patty Murray handily won re-election. Statewide, she has 57.2% of the vote against Republican Tiffany Smiley. In Skagit County she has 52.4.%. Smiley conceded Nov. 9.

Congressman Rick Larsen will win with over 60.8% of the vote in the 2nd Congressional District Seat. In Skagit County he gained 53.9% of the vote against Dan Matthews.

While Steve Hobbs has been elected Secretary of State with 49.9% of the statewide vote, Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson is beating him in Skagit County. She pulled ahead Nov. 15 and has increased her lead daily. After Thursday's count she was ahead by 1,091 votes and 2.3%, with 47.8%. Anderson conceded Nov. 10.

Skagit County offices

Since Monday, Danny Hagen has widened his lead to over 5,000 votes against Karrie Storle for county assessor. Lisa Janicki has increased her margin to 8, 288 against Christian Burns for county commissioner. Sandy Perkins is up by 4,693 votes over Eric Hull for county auditor. Sheriff Don McDermott is retaining his job, beating Kevin Ewing with 64% of the vote.

All unopposed Skagit county officeholders won re-election, as did the three state Supreme Court justices.

Skagit County election staff estimate some 56,750 residents will vote, 66.3% of the county’s registered voters. Statewide the turnout will be about 62.4%. Island, San Juan and Whatcom counties had turnouts above 70%.

Skagit County will certify its vote Tuesday, Nov. 29 and the Secretary of State’s office by Dec. 8.


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