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Rain again returned in October

The headline a year ago was "Lots of October rain" after 4.3 inches fell in 2021. Rains have returned, though they waited till Oct. 21 to start. That was 36 days since September's 0.02 total rainfall.

Rain fell eight days in a row and 10 of the last 11, totaling 3.6 inches for the month. Over half, 1.9 inches came down Oct. 30-31, with 1.5 inch Oct. 30. No rain fell during La Conner's Halloween Parade.

Fourteen years more than three inches of rain has fallen since 2000. Six of those years have been since 2014. In 2019 and 2021 over 4.2 inches came down. This is only the twelfth wettest October...


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