Men’s baby-making role


August 2, 2022

After reading Randy Hageman’s letter to the editor regarding Choice and Procreation. I’ve come up with a few good ideas that might reduce abortions.

First, the MUTTTTTTs (Men Unable To Tame Their Testosterone Triggered Tendencies) could choose vasectomy. For those concerned about the reversibility of vasectomy, choosing to freeze semen is a viable option. This, of course, would be pre-vasectomy. MUTTTTTTs could also choose to use condoms.

However, since accidents happen, a MUTTTTTT could choose to provide a bond equal to one half the cost of bringing a fetus to term and caring for the childs' upbringing until age 18.

Thirdly, a MUTTTTTT could choose to move to a state where prostitution is legal, thereby removing himself from any future responsibility arising from his choice to follow his hormonal urges.

Finally, I have considered the monetary costs to MUTTTTTTs for the following choices: Marriage, extremely expensive, not usually considered by MUTTTTTTs, because it requires too much personal responsibility. Moving to another state: Initially expensive, but costs moderating depending on activity. Vasectomy: Moderately expensive. Condoms, cheap, again depending on activity and cost of Bonds. Abstinence, free. Also, not usually considered by MUTTTTTTs.

Think about it.

John Jones

La Conner


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