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Hatfield elbowed McCoy only half playfully as the two men jostled to enter the Tav. Inside, they headed to their bar stools to watch the prime time Jan. 6 congressional hearing. They expected it to be a doozy.

They found their stools at the bar, and looked up at the TV screen. They were ready for the congressional hearings even if no one else in the room was watching. It was almost 5 p.m.

McCoy looked like the bird that had swallowed the canary. He smiled at his friend. “This is it, you know. They made a real mistake in allowing Steve Bannon to testify. He is going to set them right. Forget those deleted Secret Service texts. Bannon’s the master mastermind. He has the pipeline. He will tell them how Trump won.”

Hatfield looked at his friend, incredulously. He was about to bring up the phrase “smoking gun,” but McCoy was on a roll.

"Hat, I know where those stolen votes are. Good thing Trump never let go. I always told you he won the election."

Hatfield settled into his seat and signaled the bar keep for his bourbon and beer, holding up two fingers for a double.

McCoy’s smile turned smug. "It’s the witches. Those witches from Salem are holding the ballots."

Hatfield barely got out a “what” – or was it the start of “are you crazy” when McCoy barged ahead.

"Of course it is those witches. Those bitches, they used magic to get away with it and escape undetected. They cast spells. It is as clear as day."

Hatfield was dumbfounded. "Witches? Spells? All these months you were convinced those Dominion voting machines were rigged and that election workers in key states were either destroying ballots or padding the count. Now witches have the votes?"

"Their women, Hat. Of course they're anti-Trump. You are right about the spells. That is how I figured it out. Those 61 court cases his lawyers lost? The judges, they were bewitched. Why else did so many Trump appointed judges turn on him? That's not natural."

Hatfield signaled for drinks for each of them. "They couldn't be doing their duty, following the law, could they?"

McCoy shook his head. "That's exactly it. They're Republicans. That Raffensperger in Georgia? No one in his right mind would deny President Trump claiming that with 11,780 more votes he wins. Only black magic can make that secretary of state tell Trump no. That's why it has to be witches."

Hatfield's eyes widened. "Where's the proof of that?"

“Get real, Hat,” McCoy turned to face his friend. “We need to stand up, like that New Mexico county commissioner who had a gut feeling something was amiss. ‘It's not based on any facts. It’s only based on my gut feeling and my own intuition,’ the guy said. God or someone was telling him he was right. That is just what my minister tells us. It is what you believe that is important. And no one believes himself to be completely right all the time, no matter what the facts are, then Donald Trump. That is why he is the president. He believes it all the time, more than anyone else.”


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