Ukraine relief fund recommendation


March 23, 2022

Dear friends,

I want to recommend World Central Kitchens, founded by chef Jose Andres, as an organization worthy of your support for citizens of Ukraine and their abouts. You can find it easily online. It’s been in place for several years. I donate regularly.

They have established cooking and serving stations, at least eight on the Polish Ukraine border at major refugee receiving spots, to help feed and comfort thousands and thousands of those fleeing war.

WCK has also been providing the same care in other spots in the world where folks are hungry and possibly forgotten.

And I have a question for us all who are safe and sound in our little village.

Could we find a village about our same size in Ukraine, make it our sister/brother city and send help and support as they make their way through war to peace, stability and repair?

Aren’t we fortunate?

Georgia Johnson

La Conner


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