Fixing Rainbow Park debacle


December 15, 2021

As a recent Shelter Bay lessee I was not present for the physical portion of the Rainbow Park debacle including Labor Day 2020 and into the following week. Watching and participating in dialogue along with review of the available documents over these past months allowed me to form and voice a firm stance on the position the board of Shelter Bay (SB) embarked on.

SB has internal bylaws, covenants, rules and the standing committees to enforce them. Many of these controls and procedures were not exercised, and remedies are further muddied by the board.

Namely, the board (in the name of “pending litigation”) refused all attempts from SB members for meaningful information and rebuffed attempted dialog during monthly meetings.

Only after the initial scheduled hearing was postponed were we given access to information 10 days later, on Aug. 19, 2021, that allowed reconstruction of a true timeline, and “who did what”. It was then revealed that we had collectively already paid $92,500+, and learned of the dual naming on the violation.

SB did provide a link to the Swinomish Planning Commission decision Dec. 6, but only after attempting a rewrite of the facts in a letter issued Nov. 29. The numerous material misstatements will not be allowed to stand as written as truthful and complete. It is nowhere near that.

We will see Rainbow Park restored. Membership is united behind righting this wrongful act.

Judy Kontos

Shelter Bay


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