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Oppose fully contained communities

Dear Councilmembers: Wohleb, Chamberlain, Brunisholz, Leaver and Stokes; Mayor Hayes; Planner Davolio and Administrator Thomas:

I read with alarm the La Conner Weekly News editorial on the “Contained Communities” amendment the Skagit County Planning Commission is considering. I spent considerable time trying to find hard dates on public hearings and the proposal itself. There already exists a long list of public comments regarding this matter in their web site and a general time line, but I cannot yet find dates for future hearings posted.

I implore you, please, as representatives of all of us as stakeholders, speak loudly to oppose allowing the development of these communities.

As a student at the University of Puget Sound in the 1980s and with family spanning the Tacoma area from Lakewood to Puyallup, I have witnessed the devastating loss of shoreline, agriculture lands and forest lands to these massive suburban developments.

Skagit Valley’s economic strength lies in our farmlands, rivers, valleys, forests and foothills to the gateway of the North Cascades National Park.

Our responsibility is to preserve this beauty, refuge and alternative to suburban encroachment for generations to come.

Our responsibility is to refill the empty storefronts in all of our communities- Sedro Woolley, Burlington, Mount Vernon and La Conner; and maintain already-taxed infrastructure from schools to water plants.

Our responsibility is to develop stronger relationships between a highly diverse community of First Nations, Latinx, Pioneer families and urban refugees through authentic connections of school and community events not dictated by property lines.

As our elected representatives, please help your constituency stay informed of important dates and meetings regarding this crucial matter so that we may add our voices. From Bow to Diablo to the Starbird Road, we are connected.


Amy McFeely

La Conner


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