Why was the Hedlin ballfield property sold so quickly?


I have let down my dear friend Elizabeth Hedlin. She was the most generous and kind-hearted woman I have met in my lifetime. She passed those and other virtues to her descendants who still live and work here in La Conner. They are the kind of folk who keep their heads down and work hard and do what they can to serve their community.

I was not aware when my representatives in town government were planning to sell the majority of the ballpark that the Hedlin Family Farms had so lovingly shared with our community and baseball lovers from all over Skagit County. It seemed to happen so fast. So my protest is too little too late and I could not be sorrier.

I know the arguments for tax base, the need for housing and to increase density. But think about this kind of density: the ghosts of past and future little leaguers haunting the bedrooms of the rich.

A loving reminder that it is not just about us! It is not just about now!

Maggie Wilder

La Conner


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