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April dry with glorious sunshine

This April was the driest of three dry years in a row. Only 1.2” fell, 28% less than 2020’s 1.6”. There were eight rain events, grouped April 7-9, when 0.5” fell, and April 24-26, when 0.65” fell. The 0.4” of wet April 24 was the month’s single largest amount.

This was the third driest April this century. Rainfall was 61% below the 2.8” 21 year average. Four of the six driest have been since 2015. Six of the 10 driest Aprils have been since 2010.

The two weeks in between the rain brought 12 days of 61 degrees or higher and lots of tulip tourists. Highs topped 71 degrees, April 16-19, the middl...


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