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Skagit County Sheriff’s Office Police Blotter


September 9, 2020

Monday, August 31

12:03 p.m.: Couldn’t phone home – Report of a male yelling at cars driving by. Deputies contacted the male whose car had broken down so he called for assistance. McLean / Beaver Marsh Rds., Greater La Conner.

Tuesday, September 1

8:30 a.m.: Dogs running free – Caller reported two dogs running loose in her yard. The caller said the dogs growled at her when she yelled at them. Animal Control Office contacted the owner who advised the dogs belong to an employee and are normally kept in a fenced area. Marsh Rd., Greater La Conner.

9:23 a.m.: Dog watcher – Caller called to voice their concern for two dogs in a kennel that was sitting on the asphalt. Animal Control Officer Diaz contacted town hall to reference the complaint and left a voicemail for the business where the dogs are located. Pearle Jensen Wy., La Conner.

9:40 a.m.: Damage done – Caller reported a cold vehicle prowl. Deputies located a vehicle that had the door handle damaged along with the vehicle’s ignition. Bay View Edison Rd., Bay View.

6:25 p.m.: Stop means stop – Two car non-injury motor vehicle accident. Causing driver failed to stop at the stop sign and struck the other vehicle. Beaver Marsh Rd., Greater La Conner.

7:12 p.m.: Throw a rope – Man called to advise his 21’ boat was disabled and needed a tow. The caller was told to call vessel assist since they were anchored. The vessel ended up getting a tow in from a passing vessel. Marina, N. 2nd St., La Conner.

7:14 p.m.: Upset shooter – The caller reported hearing gunshots from his neighbor’s property. Deputies responded to the area and did not hear anything. The caller called back later and advised his neighbor had come over and was upset because he had called the Sheriff on him. The caller just wanted the incident documented. Bay View Edison Rd., Bay View.

7:41 p.m.: Take your purse – Deputies took reports of three vehicle prowls at the Padilla Bay Trailhead parking area. The suspects had broken windows and taken credit cards, using them at local stores in Burlington. Deputies are working on obtaining video footage of the suspect. Investigation continuing. Bay View Edison Rd., Bay View.

8:22 p.m.: Suspect gone – Deputies contacted a customer who wanted to report another male customer who they believed was stalking a female waitress. Neither the waitress nor suspect were still on scene. Deputies contacted the bartender who is aware of the male and said he gives all the employees a weird feeling. A tavern, S. 1st St., La Conner.

Wednesday, September 2

12:41 p.m.: Sucked it up – Caller reporting ½ tank of fuel siphoned overnight, a $40 value. Bay View Edison Rd., Bay View.

6:28 p.m.: Take your backpack – Deputies were patrolling the Padilla Bay trailhead and found a vehicle with the window broken out. The deputy checked the area for any suspects and left a business card for the owner to call. The deputy received a call from the victim who said his backpack had been stolen. Bay View Edison Rd., Bay View.

7:48 p.m.: Crime spree – Deputies took a call from a witness who observed two suspicious males hanging out in the parking lot of the Padilla Bay trailhead. The caller said when he returned from his walk he observed a broken window on a vehicle in the parking lot and decided to call 911. The witness took a picture of the suspects before his walk, but you cannot make out the license plate of their vehicle. Deputies checked the parking lot for the victim vehicle or suspects, they were both Gone on Arrival. Bay View Edison Rd., Bay View.

Thursday, September 3

2:53 p.m.: Ramming speed – Caller reporting their landlord has a goat on the property who rams the caller once in a while. The caller was requesting to discuss this with our Animal Control Officer. Bradshaw Rd., Greater La Conner.

4:15 p.m.: Dog gone – Caller reporting he lost his small white dog. Deputies searched the area for the dog and were Unable to Locate. Dry Slough Rd, Conway.


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