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Vote Lundsten for change


Once upon a time, the citizens of Skagit County could rely on a government that operated by inertia. We could be comfortable thinking that our problems were long term and would work themselves out sometime in the future. Well the “long term” has arrived.

We don’t have enough water for all the thirsty crops we are now growing. We don’t have enough water to save our salmon runs and protect our orcas.

We don’t have enough water to allow everyone who can afford to build a home to be able to drill a well. We don’t have enough housing for all the people who are coming here to work as well as many who have lived here all their lives.

These and other issues have environmental causes with broad socio-economic consequences. They call for political leaders who must do more than listen. We need leaders who will roll up their sleeves, tackle thorny, complex issues and come up with solutions.

Mark Lundsten is just that kind of leader. He took on the dire problem of overfishing in the Alaska halibut fishery and helped craft a solution that is still in effect today. That protocol has been used in other halibut fisheries as well. For several years now, he has served the citizens of Skagit County on the county planning commission. Mark has also been on the boards of Evergreen Islands and the Sound Defense Alliance. He is a collaborator who would work with all the divergent interests of Skagit County. In addition, Mark will work with local, other county officials and the state in this time of special need.

I urge you to vote for Mark Lundsten as Skagit County Commissioner, District #1.

Rick Shorten

Dodge Valley


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