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 By Ken Stern    Opinion    May 24, 2023 

The decisions we make

The march of madness and meanness continues. Last week Montana, Nebraska and Florida’s legislators joined the stampede in outlawing gender-affirming care to teens and youths in their states. These laws will punish doctors and healthcare... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    May 17, 2023

Green field or home field?

It is a tough choice for the residents of our little town – the citizens of La Conner – to make. The community was given a gift, nearly, when Sybil and Tom Jenson sold the Town of La Conner a half-plus acre of property under Pioneer Park and... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    May 10, 2023

Democracy needs a local press

As publisher of the Weekly News, I will be on a panel discussing “The Future of Local Journalism: Is It Important to Our Democracy?” Monday May 15 at the Mount Vernon high school. In the United States, where our Declaration of Independence holds... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    April 26, 2023

Town needs new leadership

Ramon Hayes, mayor of the Town of La Conner for 16 years, is retiring when his term ends after the November elections. Hayes deserves a huge thank you for his steadfastness. He deserves credit for the solid staff employed in support of the town's... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    April 19, 2023

Earth Day needed every day

Saturday is the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day. In the giddy, heady days of the early 1970s – with or without pot – people celebrated recycling. Going farther meant reusing and reducing. Reflect on that, on how radical the concepts of reusing... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    April 12, 2023

The endless war in Ukraine

Peace will come to Ukraine, but how and when? Fourteen months after Russia's invasion and nine years after their occupation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula, the largest European conflict since Hitler's 1939 invasion of Poland is an intractable...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    April 5, 2023

Free speech in Shelter Bay

Is democracy dangerous to the health of Shelter Bay community board members? Or, is the board’s leadership allergic to free speech? Is it possible that the Weekly News is just plain wrong in its efforts to cover Shelter Bay governance? The Weekly... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    March 29, 2023

Right or wrong in Shelter Bay

Finding out who slew the Slough Swindler, the La Conner Chamber of Commerce’s participatory mystery theatre event last Saturday, was relatively easy. Several people figured it out and the winner was chosen by lot. He got a grand prize package of... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    March 22, 2023

When banks and trains crash

Seems like banks and railroads are failing all around us. No one is really surprised, from corporate CEOs to congressional committees and Congress, period, to front line workers driving engines and managing branches or federal and state regulators at...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    March 15, 2023

Welcome to year 4 of COVID-19

What is the difference between last week and this week? Answer: Last week everyone was at the end of the third year of the coronavirus pandemic. This week we all step into, no not its fourth year but the first year of what the World Health...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    March 8, 2023

School daze coming again

Ouch. Ouch everywhere, for everybody. New La Conner Schools Deputy Superintendent of Finance Dave Cram's initial assessment is that 490 students will enroll in the school district next fall. That is down 35 kids from today and 100 from 2021. It is... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    March 1, 2023

March invitations: Say yes

With March's arrival are a flurry of activities, not late winter snow but opportunities to join together in fun and games, literally, and, in one instance, to change, literally. There are also very real storm clouds hanging over Shelter Bay. The mont...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    February 15, 2023

Keep public records public

Dear fellow citizens. Help, please, by paying attention to your state government and taking a stand to keep public records public, available to you – and to the journalists and activists. Tell your legislators and Attorney General Bob Ferguson... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    February 8, 2023

Debt ceiling not the problem

The good news is raising the nation's debt limit is not a problem. The U.S. Congress has always voted to pay its bills– and will this spring. The source of those debts, of course, came from Congress first approving the annual budget and the... Full story

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    February 1, 2023

About violence in America

What a beautiful clear, crisp blue sky day we had Sunday. Monday started sunny. February is here: there are more hours of sunlight and the sun is higher in the sky and starting its march northward. And, we live in a state with sane legislators...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    January 25, 2023

Resiliency every day, every year

Town of La Conner leaders continue to talk, plan and act in preparing flood control measures in the wake of Dec. 27’s flooding from the Swinomish Channel. Last night the town council created a flood commission by ordinance, cementing in place a...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    January 18, 2023

Community invitations

La Conner area residents are invited to engage this week and next with the two local institutions that define and make a difference in our lives. This is where citizens can have the most impact, making self-governing a reality. Your participation is...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    January 11, 2023

Adding various numbers up

At the start of the new year, one way to assess the year just passed is by looking at the numbers contained in budgets and reports and reflecting back and projecting forward. From front to back in this issue of the Weekly News, there are all kinds...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    January 4, 2023

New year, old challenges

Wow. What weather these last two weeks, ending the year with both a groan and a whimper. Last Tuesday’s flood, blown in with rain and mild temperatures, was a stark contrast to the seven inches of snow and bitter cold a week earlier, the Tuesday...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    December 28, 2022

Local heroes of democracy

When considering activists watching over the community's governance and vocally championing the better future we all want, the dedicated and sometimes seemingly too quiet La Conner Town Council and local school board may not come first to mind. But,...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    December 21, 2022

"Is There a Santa Claus?"

Dear Editor — I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says, “If you see it in The Sun, it’s so.” Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus? Virginia O’Hanlon 115 West Ninety Fifth Street, New...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    December 14, 2022

This newspaper's for you

This is the last week of sending the Weekly News to every address in the La Conner School District. This annual subscription drive is an economic venture: La Conner News Publishing, LLC is a single person corporation, owned by its publisher. The...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    December 7, 2022

Your newspaper in your weekly mail all year long

Last week was quite the start of holiday activities throughout the Skagit Valley. From Friday evening’s Tiny Tree silent auction at the La Conner Swinomish Library through a myriad of events Saturday in La Conner and holiday markets Sunday at the...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    November 30, 2022

Greetings from your community newspaper

Happy holiday season! Along with lights, trees and lawn displays comes this more recent tradition: the annual La Conner Weekly News subscription drive. These next three weeks your community newspaper will be delivered to every address in our local...

 By Ken Stern    Opinion    November 23, 2022

Being thankful together

Thanksgiving is Thursday. Feasts will take place at dining tables across the country as family and friends gather in celebration and care for each other. There will be few masks and little social distancing. Everyone wants the coronavirus pandemic...


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