Snapdragon Flats criticized


October 12, 2022

Dear neighbors of the Snapdragon Flats development.

It appears from the town council record that the developer of Snapdragon Flats is up to his old antics of being a rude and disrespectful neighbor. I lived through his rock removal during the COVID-19 pandemic and so I am fully aware of this property owner’s poor behavior. If you find yourself in the position in which legal relief becomes necessary due to this property owner’s behavior, there is a letter which is part of the record for the permits for this project outlining numerous issues that would arise out of approval of this project.

Kindly recall this developer is also responsible for the Snapdragon Hill project, during which he tortured the surrounding neighbors with rock removal noise for months (some of which is it believed was outside the scope of his permits) and then promptly sold the property for $1.5 million. Some of the issues in this letter included severe noise disruption and mental and physical health issues resulting therefrom (especially due to the location of the medical clinic), possible injury due to construction traffic and the use of Park Street by numerous pedestrians, damage to the infrastructure of historic homes situated above the construction site, etc.

The Town was encouraged not to grant Mr. Ebert’s permit as he has proven himself to be a disrespectful neighbor. I am sorry to learn he has not changed his behavior.

Best regards,

Linda Clark


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