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If I ran the zoo


January 27, 2021

I passed a sign on someone’s front lawn in Mount Vernon last week that read:

“Dementia Joe? Heels Up Harris? Lord Help Us All.”

Obviously, these people must be devastated and I am dedicating this column to them.

If the election went their way, I had a plan in place to create Cascadia, including Washington, Oregon and California. The new “country” would still be technically part of the USA but with its own healthcare, its own intolerance for racism and anti-Semitism and its own support of public education.

For you disappointed Trump supporters, I suggest you create your own dominion including Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas. That adds up to about 11 million people and that would make it about the population of Cuba and larger than Greece. Of course, some people will flee but members of the Proud Boys and QAnon and other supporters of the Capitol Rioters will most likely take their place.

These states were overwhelmingly supportive of Trump. Georgia has moved to the center and I cannot allow Florida to join because my heroic brother is buried in a military cemetery there and his son is a physician there and I need to visit them.

This new entity could call itself The Confederacy and build walls to its heart’s content. If they wanted to secede from the Union, I say sayonara.

Of course, there will be some residents of those states who will not be happy (including some very good football players), but Georgia, Louisiana and Florida would love to have them and that would tilt those states even more in my direction. Win, win and win!

Unfortunately, I DON’T run the zoo, so this is not likely to happen.

So here is my next suggestion – our elected officials do some serious soul searching and decide to put Country above Party and principle over politics. I understand that they want to be reelected when the time comes, but do they really want to sell their souls? I am guessing Ted Cruz, who is not stupid, is realizing he made a very big mistake in helping foment a ridiculous lie that led to death and destruction in our nation’s Capitol.

Remember, they rioted in support of a sitting president who did not win the popular vote four years ago, either. Yet nobody had any issues with vote counting back then.

I am hoping that this is a wake-up call for many conscientious Republicans who remember the party of Abraham Lincoln and Dwight D. Eisenhower and John Lindsay, Jacob Javits and Nelson Rockefeller. Those leaders would all be devastated by the violent, lawless assault on the Capitol and would want no part whatsoever of that kind of UnAmerican activity!


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